PPC Interview Questions & Answers

PPC Interview Questions & Answers

Paid marketing plays a pivotal role in digital marketing strategies, and a deep understanding of theoretical concepts and practical implementation using platforms like Google Ads is essential. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is particularly crucial for targeting audiences actively seeking products or services on search networks.

What is PPC marketing?

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a marketing strategy aimed at driving traffic to a website through search engines and partner sites. Advertisers only pay when their ads receive clicks.

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What is Campaign Management?

Campaign management involves creating and overseeing advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads. It includes dividing campaigns into AdGroups, selecting relevant keywords, managing ad formats, and optimizing bids to achieve a positive ROI.

Differentiate between direct marketing and branding campaigns.

Direct marketing targets specific audiences relevant to the business, focusing on metrics like conversion rate and ROI. Common campaign types include Search Network Only, Shopping Campaigns, and Dynamic Search Ads. On the other hand, branding campaigns aim to increase brand exposure through methods like Display Ads, Remarketing, and YouTube Ads.

Which settings cannot be changed after creating a Google Ads account?

Time Zone and Currency settings cannot be altered after an account is created.

Explain Google Ads’ Double Serving policy.

The Double Serving policy prohibits advertisers from displaying ads for the same keywords or websites from multiple accounts. This policy ensures that users see ads from different providers, enhancing competition and variety in ad results.

Define Quality Score and its significance.

Quality Score is a metric ranging from 1 to 10 that evaluates the quality of keywords in relation to ads and landing pages. It impacts AdRank, influencing ad position and CPC.

How does Quality Score affect CPC and Ad Position?

Quality Score is inversely proportional to CPC (Cost Per Click) and directly proportional to Ad Position. Higher Quality Scores result in lower costs and higher ad positions.

What is Actual CPC?

Actual CPC refers to the actual cost an advertiser pays for a click in an auction. It is calculated dynamically in real-time.

What Factors affect Quality Score?

Quality Score depends on factors like CTR (Click-Through Rate) of the keyword, relevance of keywords and ads, landing page quality, and historical account data.

How can Conversion Rates be improved?

Conversion rates can be enhanced by aligning ads with keywords, creating tightly themed ad groups, improving landing page quality, and targeting relevant audiences effectively.

Does PPC advertising affect website ranking on search engines?

No, PPC advertising does not impact organic search rankings. Search engines rank organic and PPC results separately.

What are the character limits for PPC Ads?

Expanded Text Ads have a limit of 30 characters for each headline and 80 characters for the description. Standard Ads have a limit of 25 characters for the headline and 70 characters for the description.

Explain Invalid Clicks and how Google detects them.

Invalid clicks refer to fake or unintentional clicks on ads. Google employs sophisticated algorithms to automatically detect and filter invalid clicks, ensuring the integrity of ad campaigns.

What are PLA Ads (Shopping Ads)?

PLA, or Product Listing Ads, are used to advertise products on Google Search and partner sites. They are commonly utilized by e-commerce websites to showcase product listings.

Define Converted Clicks.

Converted clicks track the total number of clicks that resulted in conversions. However, this metric has been deprecated by Google.

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What is Remarketing Audience, and how is it generated?

Remarketing audiences comprise users who have previously visited a website. By adding the Google Remarketing tag to a website, users can be added to the remarketing audience list.

When is CPV charged for an in-stream ad for a 60-second video?

CPV (Cost Per View) is charged if a user watches at least 30 seconds of the video.

Define Search Terms.

Search terms are the exact keywords that trigger ads to appear in search results.

Explain Price Extensions.

Price extensions are a new extension format that displays the prices of relevant products or services within the ad.

What are Affiliate Locations Extensions?

Affiliate Locations Extensions allow brands to display the names of retail stores where products are available offline.

Updated Names of DoubleClick Products

AdMob by Google is now Google AdMob.
DoubleClick for Publishers is now Google Ad Manager 360.
DoubleClick Ad Exchange (Standalone AdX Seller UI) is now Google Ad Manager 360.
DoubleClick Ad Exchange (Buy-side UI) is now Authorized Buyers.
DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business is now Google Ad Manager.
DoubleClick Bid Manager is now Google Display & Video 360.
DoubleClick Campaign Manager is now Campaign Manager.
DoubleClick Studio remains as Studio.

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These questions and answers provide a comprehensive understanding of PPC advertising and its implementation on platforms like Google Ads. Aspiring PPC professionals should familiarize themselves with these concepts to excel in interviews and effectively manage PPC campaigns.

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