Top 15 Android Apps for Digital Marketers

Android Apps for Digital Marketers

In today’s dynamic business environment, marketers need to monitor campaigns around the clock for any significant changes. Mobiles and tablets play a crucial role in digital marketing strategies. We’ve compiled a list of essential and highly useful Android apps for digital marketers.

1- WordPress Android App:

  • Manage your WordPress site on the go.

  • Update your website with the latest information effortlessly.

2- Facebook Page Manager App:

  • Crucial for managing social media presence on Facebook Business Page.

  • Handle pages, messages, updates, and view insights easily.

3- Google My Business App:

  • Manage business information on Google Search, Maps, or Google+.

  • Update business info, post on Google+, and respond to reviews.

4- Google Analytics App:

  • Keep track of website reports at any time.

  • Optimized for mobiles and tablets, providing detailed visitor reports.

5- YouTube Creator Studio App:

  • Ideal for video marketers managing YouTube channels.

  • View past reports, recent uploads, comments, and in-depth analytics.

6- Buffer App:

  • Manage social media updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

  • Schedule updates and share content from various sources.

7- Hootsuite App:

  • Social media management tool similar to Buffer.

  • Schedule posts on multiple social media sites and receive brand-related notifications.

8- WunderList App:

  • Useful for managing tasks and plans.

  • Plan and execute content marketing and social media strategies.

9- Google AdSense App:

  • Crucial for website owners dependent on AdSense revenue.

  • Provides detailed reports, custom channels, and other metrics.

10- AutoDesk Pixlr App:

  • Best for editing photos on the go.

  • Ideal for resizing photos to meet various social network requirements.

11- Grammarly App:

  • Connects across platforms like Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Analyzes text for grammatical errors and offers weekly progress reports.

12- Canva App:

  • Easy-to-use image editor for creating professional social media images.

  • Use pre-built templates and post images directly to social media.

13- Sprout Social App:

  • Manage all social media platforms in one place.

  • Stay on top of reactions, comments, and shares.

14- MailChimp App:

  • Perfect for small businesses looking to expand.

  • Basic subscription is free for those with fewer than 2,000 email subscribers.

15- Google Ads App:

  • Make Google Ads modifications on the go.

  • View campaign metrics, adjust prices, tweak budgets, and more.

Final Thoughts

These apps are specially curated to assist you in your digital marketing efforts, helping you grow and expand your business efficiently.

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