10 Digital Skills That Can Make Students Instantly Employable

Digital Skills

The new era of the industrial revolution dawned in the 2020s, bringing with it the indispensability of automation, AI, and machine learning. These technologies are no longer considered luxury careers but rather essential components of a student’s career growth, particularly in STEM fields. Basic digital skills have become crucial for almost 90% of professional careers, making it imperative for students to adapt to the evolving job market. Adding digital skills to their resumes has become vital for securing employment, especially as big companies increasingly demand expertise in this domain.

In India, the traditional education system does not guarantee employment, leading even Ph.D. holders to apply for lower-level government positions. Basic graduation and post-graduation degrees are no longer sufficient for meaningful career growth. There is an urgent need to impart important skills that align with the demands of the contemporary job market.

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Students can gain a significant advantage in the job market by acquiring digital skills early in their academic journey.

What Are Digital Skills?

Before delving into the digital world, students should have a clear understanding of the essential skills required to excel in this rapidly evolving profession. Digital skills, in a basic sense, refer to the ability to fully utilize digital devices and technology. In an era where people are constantly connected to the internet, businesses require employees with adequate digital skills to thrive and succeed.

Students equipped with digital skills have a considerable advantage in the job market, significantly increasing their chances of finding employment across various digital channels.

Let’s Explore 10 Digital Skills for Students

1- Social Media Management: Social media has become an extension of our virtual selves. With almost everyone on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, social media marketing skills are invaluable. Effectively utilizing social media can drive traffic to websites, generate leads, and connect with potential customers.

2- Content Marketing: Content marketing is ideal for students inclined towards writing or possessing video editing skills. Creating compelling videos, articles, blogs, emails, or social media posts helps attract and engage customers.

3- Data Analytics: In the era where “Data is the new oil,” the ability to analyze large datasets becomes crucial. Data analytics, coupled with search engine marketing (SEM), allows organizations to make informed and data-driven decisions.

4- Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO involves strategies to improve a website’s visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. SEO specialists play a crucial role in enhancing website visibility, leading to increased attention, engagement, and sales.

5- Email Marketing: Email marketing remains a constant and effective direct marketing tool. A well-planned email marketing strategy is valuable for both startups and established corporations in finding and retaining customers.

6- PPC Marketing: Understanding Google AdSense, impressions, CPC, and reach is crucial for PPC marketing. This skill is in high demand, making it essential for students to learn Google Ads for a competitive edge.

7- Creating Riveting Video Content: With YouTube being a major platform, creating captivating video content is a skill in high demand. Videos, when well-edited and intriguing, attract a significant audience.

8- Web Design: Web designing is a lucrative career with abundant job opportunities. As companies cannot function without a website, web design requires a combination of creativity and technical knowledge, including programming languages like Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap.

9- Copywriting / Content Writing: A digital marketer and SEO specialist’s efforts depend significantly on well-crafted content. Writing ability opens up numerous opportunities for students pursuing a career in digital marketing.

10- Mobile Marketing: With the rise in smartphone usage, students should adapt to mobile-friendly marketing strategies. Smartphone traffic has surpassed desktop traffic, making mobile marketing an essential skill for digital marketing careers.

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In conclusion, students who acquire these digital skills can position themselves as instantly employable in a job market that values proficiency in the digital domain. The ability to navigate and excel in the digital world provides a distinct advantage for students entering the workforce.

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